The World Roma Federation’s main objective is to focus on the integration of minority and ethnic peoples  living within marginalized communities at a US level into modern society.  Our organization has developed impacting socioeconomic programs that will give people from disadvantaged backgrounds to progress and maintain their individual autonomy. 

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W.R.F takes pride in its community initiatives. Our outreach programs facilitate a basic need to the homeless providing temporary shelter, clothes, and blankets throughout the year 

Founded on Local 


We support Roma and other ethnic and minority civil societies and other organization to gauge the issues first hand giving us the ability to act from a stronger position and to potentially challenge the  typical assumptions of policy makers by feeding the debate with evidence from the ground.

Rooted in Reality 


Met with the US state department to discuss our community mission for the betterment of minority and ethnic people including the Roma.  Have developed a housing program for the homeless  present to the Major of NYC. 

We have developed a socioeconomic premised on social development platforms to assist the proper integration of marginalized and disadvantaged people. Our 2030 agenda will be submitted before the UN, US state department and the Majors office at a regional, local, and state level

Led by innovation and creativity

The W.R.F Network through our Media outlet is letting the narratives from a  Romani stand point be heard.  This forum will bridge two world and encompass a reverence built on  equal respect and understanding. Our core aim is to show the rich diversity and culture of the Romani, challenging stereotypical views.

Powered by narratives

To promote a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable community for the appropriate integration of minority and ethnic people in the US








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