The World Roma Federation’s main objective is to focus on the integration of the Romani at an international level into modern society.  Through the development of socioeconomic programs and by advocating for their fundamental rights regardless of gender, age, class and or religion. 

W.R.F. Network was Formed by 21 Members states on the 18th of June, 2017.  By Pairing with These State Agencies and Through the Assistance of Local  Organizations with a direct link to local Romani Communities we have begun to make great strides. This connection with these local communities have proven not only effective but one our our chief core strengths. 

Founded on Local 


We support Roma civil societies and other organization to gauge the issues first hand giving us the ability to act from a stronger position and to potentially challenge the  typical assumptions of policy makers by feeding the debate with evidence from the ground.

Rooted in Reality 


We have begun negotiations for the development and construction of a Roma Cultural Center. This center will educate and promote doctrines of inclusion and tolerance bridging two worlds together

We are exploring and taking a much fresher approach by developing non-conventional methods and utilizing instruments to assist in our arguments to promote our Roma policy agenda forward.

Led by innovation and creativity

The W.R.F Network through our Media outlet is letting the narratives from a  Romani stand point be heard.  This forum will bridge two world and encompass a reverence built on  equal respect and understanding. Our core aim is to show the rich diversity and culture of the Romani, challenging stereotypical views.

Powered by narratives

We are working on bringing together two worlds so adverse of one another through the assistance of people and organisations that share our passion to bring positive change to the position of the Roma as they advocate for a more inclusive stance in modern societies.








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