New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

We, the members of this organization, have assembled to promote and encourage the interests, rights, and prosperity of the Roma people of the world, as a framework to encourage integration, sustainability, development, and autonomy.


With this Agenda our plan of action is to promote all objectives, dialogue, and approaches with the capacity to meet the sustainable development needs of the marginalized Roma Communities of Europe. This does not limit any integral measures laid out by the EU in terms of functionality of inhibitors in accordance with state mandated norms, as it meets budgetary obligations in the following areas job growth, education, health services, migration, etc.


This measure is to set parameters and deliverables on a local and statewide level within Europe with the capacity to eradicate social division, poverty, homelessness, disparity, injustices and bias from its frameworks. Engaging in impromptu dialogue between heads of states, the EU, Commission, other government agencies with engagement of civil society and community NGO organizations, such as WRF is the only outcome viable to meet communal deliverables within marginalized communities as the Roma.


We advocate for the development of protocols that encourage constructive dialogue, and indorses a fairer future that includes the Roma in every aspect of European societal constructs including legislative and sustainable development resolutions.


We advance the development of the legislature for any initiative that highlights the importance of a whole-of- society human rights centered approach to deliver well-resourced health and social protection systems that respond to all ages.


We emphasize upon the critical need for universal provision of the right to health services and social protection, fairer tax and financing, as well as long-term sustainable development, as set out in the Sustainable Development Goals.


We promote any edict or mandate that promotes the "No One Left Behind," initiative! With this we announce our full-scale objectives of our International Platform towards Roma integration, focusing on sustainable development, to social disparities in Health Services, Education, Housing, and Employment. The goals and targets will stimulate action over the next 30 years in areas of critical importance on a global initiative for all roma peoples.



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