Washington D.C 

Holocaust Museum 

WRF President Janos Sztojka at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.  At the Holocaust Museum Mr. Sztojka perused exhibits of people that died in the Holocaust, Family photos, historical artifacts and preserved letters.  These profound and commemorative photos show the sacrifice and dire situations faced by the men, women, and children taken and forced into Concentration Camps all over Europe. 

American Hungarian Business Relationship Building Event

WRF President Janos Sztojka at the American Hungarian Business Relationship building Event.  At this event, Mr. Sztojka met the Hungarian Foreign Prime Minister Peter Szijjarto while in attendance at the Embassy.  This event was attended by the President and Sandor Balogh Independent Roma Consultant from the UN 

WRF at the CEPA Forum Event

The Cepa Forum is the leading annual transatlantic security conference in Washington D.C. The Forum hightlights the transformative economic, strategic and potential of the countries b/w the Barents and Black Seas and their importance to the United States. It brings together more than 400 leaders from governments and business for meetings focused on strengthening U.S. engagement in Central and East Europe. 

The conference provides the only platform of its kind in washington for government leaders and the expert community to engage on key issues in strategy and commerce. Forum panels brings together executives and senior decision-makers to discuss emerging opportunities and ideas for overcoming obstacles to closer engagement.  The Forum is covered widely in Central and East European and U.S. Media 

This event was attended by the President Janos Szojka and Vice President Elena Yurtchenko of the World Roma Federation

The President Janos Sztojka and Vice President Elena Yurtchenko in attendance at the Lantos Foundation Galla in Washington D.C. 

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Holocaust Museum