PROJECT 1-Roma Colony

During the Roma Congress held in June of 2017, it became unanimously understood that the Roma people need  a clean and safe place to live.  Our organization presented our plans for the construction of the Roma Congress, which is set to begin construction in 2020. 

PROJECT 3-Mobile Wellness Center

There are over 60 thousand Roma living in eastern and Western Europe without Medical.  Most of them have never had a wellness care visit or it has been many years since they received medical attention.  With the induction of 1 or 2 Mobile Wellness Centers transitioned into Roma communities.  

PROJECT 2-Roma Civic Center

The one thing that is prevalent about the Romani people is that very little is known about them, and what is, isn't positive.  To assist in the inclusion process our organization have developed blueprints and design plans to educate the public through the construction of the Roma Civic Center 

PROJECT 4-Education: General, Vocational and on the Job Training

The Roma due to their status in Europe or forbidden from receiving the same benefits in life as other minority and non minority groups.  Which means they are not afforded with a level of education and without education one is unable to gain employment because they do not have a skill set.  To counter this the World Roma Federation has developed an educational platform for implementation that will assist in the process of transitioning the Roma into the workforce.  By obtaining a skill the Roma will be able to sustain and care for themselves. 

PROJECT 5-Feed a Roma Child

The Roma are one of the most destitute and impoverished people in the world.  Their children are forced to live in filth and squalor.  They need food and nourishment it was estimated last year that nearly 3 in 5 Roma children go to bed hungry.  The Roma are forced to rummage through trash in order to find food to eat, no child should live like this as a society we need to do more.  

PROJECT 6-Tent Project: Temporary Housing

​Our organization is set to begin the construction of the Roma colony in 2020 but the Roma people need viable living quarters until the project is complete.   We have begun collecting donations  for the Tent Project.  These tents are weather resistance, durable, light weight, and mobile.  Our organization has negotiated pricing and is able to purchase the tents at mark down but we need to raise funds for the purchase of 25 crates.

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